Stack shelf - Acre StudioStack shelf - Acre Studio

Stack shelf

From R 890.00
The Simple side table - Acre StudioThe Simple side table - Acre Studio

The Simple side table

From R 2,180.00
The Keeper Desk - Acre StudioThe Keeper Desk - Acre Studio

The Keeper Desk

From R 3,570.00
The Brass Pill Mirror - Acre StudioThe Brass Pill Mirror - Acre Studio

The Brass Pill Mirror

From R 2,730.00
The Oblong Mirror - Acre StudioThe Oblong Mirror - Acre Studio

The Oblong Mirror

From R 2,700.00
Modular IHS UnitsModular IHS Units

Modular IHS Units

From R 4,600.00
Messinki Shelf - Acre StudioMessinki Shelf - Acre Studio

Messinki Shelf

From R 2,760.00
The Roller Table - Acre StudioThe Roller Table - Acre Studio

The Roller Table

From R 14,200.00
Tetris - Acre StudioTetris - Acre Studio


From R 310.00

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